Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting Ready for the Year-End Update

Coming into the home stretch-- only 10 more days left in the year! I know I've missed a couple of my budget goals for individual categories, but will I still be on track overall? We shall see!
As I posted recently, I do think I'll make my year-end net worth goal, but I will be reporting my net worth a little differently for the next few months. I'm going to tell you what I think my home equity is, rather than showing full detail of my home value as an asset and my outstanding mortgage as a liability. You may have noticed that in most of the posts about my condo, I haven't shown my usual level of candor about the actual dollar figures. Why? I would love to be able to expose full detail on all these matters, but since condo transactions are in the public record, I'd rather protect my privacy a bit. The odds of someone being able to deduce who I am from my current mortgage balance are probably very slim, but if someone is crazy enough and smart enough to do that, I definitely don't want that person stalking me! (Not that it would be any better to have a stupid, sane person stalking me.)
But don't worry, I still have some post-mortem posts planned that will recap a lot of the home-buying process with some hypothetical numbers thrown in to illustrate my calculations on affordability.

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