Monday, March 05, 2007

$3 - - > $340 million?

I just spent $3 on the lottery. My friend Mortimer kept mentioning how large the MegaMillions jackpot was, so I figured, what the heck. I very rarely play the lottery, for all the reasons we know well: basically, that the odds of winning are so incredibly tiny that it's almost always a big waste of money. But people do win, so every once in a while I decide I don't mind losing a couple of dollars to take my shot. I think I once won $20, and on a couple of other occasions won $5, or a free ticket. Given how seldom I've played, my net loss is probably less than $20.
I tried to play at the deli where I've bought lottery tickets in the past, but the owner said rather sheepishly that he didn't have a machine. "But you used to have one, didn't you?" I asked, suddenly wondering if I had been hallucinating. It turned out he'd changed the name of his business, which meant he had to reapply for his lottery license. He must have been kicking himself about the timing, with this record-setting huge MegaMillions jackpot building up!

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