Friday, March 02, 2007

Powerful Women in Bedford, NY

I've been very amused at the news coverage of this story:
Dominatrix with Tony Westchester Estate Caught in Web (NY Daily News)
Genteel Enclave Puzzles Over Reports of a Dominatrix (NY Times)

As the story goes, the neighbors noticed some unusual traffic at a very swanky house in this upscale suburb, and then the police caught the owner in a sting operation when she agreed to provide an unspecified "dominatrix-style act" for $120.

My first thought when reading this story was "hee hee, I wonder if it's Martha Stewart!" (She has a home in Bedford.) Then I read this caption accompanying the NY Times article in the print edition: "A web site advertised 'female superiority, proper training and etiquette' ..." and I thought "oh my God, it IS Martha Stewart!"

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Of course it really wasn't... the perp was one Sandra Chemero, who had only been renting the house for a few months. And I'm sure Martha Stewart would have charged more than $120 for any kind of unspecified act you could think of!

Oh well, it's a fun story but it still hasn't provided me with much material for my long-planned article about the costs of prostitution... funny how I just don't have many day to day experiences to blog about in that regard... except for that time I met a dominatrix myself...

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