Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wedding Plans

My cup of joy is just overflowing at the thought of my approaching nuptials. I feel so lucky to have met Mr. Ghana... so lucky, in fact, that I may have to enter one of these Nigerian lotteries that many commenters have had such success with!
Thank you to everyone who has sent their kind wishes. Because I consider so many of you out there in blogland to be good friends of mine, I'd like to include you in my happiness by inviting you to join my wedding party! As you might guess, despite our impending wealth, my fiancé and I are very budget-conscious and don't want to have an extravagant wedding. So instead of registering for presents like towels and silverware, (which, annoyingly enough, I've been buying with my own money lately anyway) we're hoping that our friends will give us the gift of their advice and skills.

First of all, my blog bridesmaids:

Dawn-- my husband-to-be doesn't want me to max out my credit card until after we're married, (which is probably just as well, as I'm having this odd problem of it being declined lately, dunno why...) so I'm hoping you'll share your best suggestions on frugal clothes shopping, decorating, food for the reception, etc.

SingleMa-- you can be a bridesmaid AND plan the informal cookout I'm having a couple of weeks later for the B-listers!

Millionaire Artist-- one easy tip for a budget wedding is to make your own invitations, so I'm hoping you'll help me design them.

Frugal Zeitgeist
-- your blog is new and I don't know you all that well yet, but I'd like you to be a bridesmaid because like me, you are EXTREMELY hot, and we all know how important it is to have lots of good-looking bridesmaids in the wedding photos.

BostonGal-- I'm always impressed by your gardening posts, so will you do my flowers?

Nina-- perhaps you'll have some tips on hotel room honeymoons.

Mapgirl, TiredButHappy, and Bitty: I am choreographing a sort of interpretive dance that I hope you won't mind performing at the reception. I'll fill you in on the details later.

As for the groomsmen:

I want Flexo to perform the musical entertainment at the reception.

Frank can read all the blessings and prayers.

And Mr. Ghana wants a big stag party, so I'm also inviting Cap, Moom, Jonathan, NCN, Trent, Justin, and Juan Millon, as well as the anonymous commenter whose marriage proposal I had to turn down, in hopes that there's no hard feelings.

Of course it is traditional for a Ghanian groom to show his appreciation to every member of the wedding party with a generous gift of cash or livestock. Since you'll all be traveling back to the U.S., obviously livestock isn't practical, so everybody just send me your bank account details and my fiancé will deposit your gifts via wire transfer. Can't wait to see you, RSVP soon!


Anonymous said...

I can do a lovely bouquet of lemons - in fact I think a great theme for the wedding could be lemons! May I suggest Led Zeppelin's "The Lemon Song" for your first dance at the reception? The lyrics really capture something about your relationship :)

Pink Shoes said...

I'd be happy to help with officiating! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll provide the transportation. Funny :)

Tiredbuthappy said...

I'm a terrible dancer, but I'd be happy to throw birdseed at you after the ceremony!

mapgirl said...

Ah... If you'd like an interpretive dance with fire, we can toss in any prenuptial agreements you might have signed to preserve your assets just in case. Who needs a prenup when true love is afoot? (Spares you from eating it with BBQ sauce like Billy Bob Thornton did in Intolerable Cruelty.)

savvy said...

You need to add me to your wedding party! Everyone needs a pregnant bridesmaid, especially one who is overly emotional and who will have a screaming fit of a breakdown when their dress doesn't fit.... and my bloated belly and blotchy skin will make you look even better!

Madame X said...

BostonGal-- what a lovely song to suggest, I'm getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it!

And Savvy, you definitely must be a bridesmaid too! If you're having morning sickness it will be even better!

savvy said...

Don't worry, I'll be sick enough for the both of us.

Bitty said...

Ooh! Ooh! I am so honored! Can't dance worth a hoot, but I'm there since it's interpretive...

(Putting on thinking cap to work on the perfect gift.)

frugal zeitgeist said...

A bridesmaid! I'm deeply honored. I'm secretly hoping for the biggest butt bow EVER on the garishly pink and unflattering dresses.

I call being the EXTREMELY hot bridesmaid who gets drunk at the reception and starts screaming and throwing glasses before flirting with your new hubby and making out with the best man. Even though it's your wedding, it's secretly all about ME.

Oh yeah. I'm all over this.

Madame X said...

Zeitgeist, if you flirt with my hubby, no way am I giving him your bank account details!

frugal zeitgeist said...

Well, that's not much fun for me, now, is it???

Frank said...

I would be honored to read the blessings and prayers. :)
I can even do it in the stereotypical black preacher voice: "Dear Jesus-uh. We praaaayyy over these two-uh.."
On second thought, maybe not in that voice :P

Anonymous said...

If you need a corn field or some soy beans for the Ghana Harvest Wedding Festival, please let me know and I can find say 10,000 acres or so next door for your special day!

Dawn said...

As your long-suffering bridesmaid- I could follow you around and scowl at you anytime you whip out... a credit card!

The nagging can do wonders for the saving money

Anonymous said...

LOL... I was trying to think of a witty comment but I think you have it all covered in your post. =)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I would love to make your wedding invites! Whaddya say we go with a monetary theme? And maybe a recycled theme? I know... why don't we recycle a bunch of currency with no value except as paper...say, Iraqi Dinars? Frugal AND functional!