Wednesday, August 15, 2007

July Recap

Well, it's a bit late to be getting to this. And I'm not really even getting to it properly! I think my net worth was down to about $342,000 at the end of July, due to all this stock market mess, but I've been busy and barely had time to sit down and go over everything in Quicken.
Expenses weren't too bad-- I went over my dining budget, spending $711 due to some dinners out, and I spent $143 on gifts and $292 on travel, due to a wedding and bachelorette party, but I've cut back quite a bit on the household spending, which was only $201, a fair amount of which was just dry cleaning! Telephone was over budget at $156 due to having forgotten to use my calling card on a lengthy international call-- ouch! I spent $0 on clothes, but am making up for it this month as I have tried to catch the end of summer sales only to find that there is nothing good left, but that I'm interested in some of the new fall merchandise at full price!
I'll try to do a better job next month!

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