Thursday, February 28, 2008

Six-Word Financial Biographies

Have you heard about the book Not Quite What I Was Planning? It's a collection of six-word memoirs, such as "After Harvard, had baby with crackhead," "Nobody cared, then they did. Why?" and "Found true love, married someone else." Not surprisingly, the book has been getting a lot of attention. (I loved the piece in the New Yorker about the book party, which was written entirely in 6-word sentences/phrases.) It reminded me of the personal finance haiku contest, and got me thinking about 6-word financial stories:

Earning money was never my forte.

Bought high, sold low, smacked forehead.

We budgeted, saved, and retired early!

Expensive toys were my only weakness.

Haven't slept since I discovered Quicken.

I couldn't stop thinking about money.

What would yours be?


Anonymous said...

ebay keeps me looking good cheaply.

i still have a piggy bank.

i can spot loose change anywhere.

ok magazine is my financial weakness,

Anonymous said...

Didn't know I had a budget.

Anonymous said...

I save, he spends, we're broke

Anonymous said...

Must mend holes in my pockets!

Escape Brooklyn said...

Moved to New York, hate it.

At least I'm saving a ton.

Need to pay off credit card.

Can't wait to move someplace cheaper.

Why won't student loans go away?

This is fun but MUST STOP.

Sam said...

Came to America expecting NYC everywhere
Wound up near stinky farm air

Then got stuck with lotso debt
Seemed my needs wouldn't be met

Attended college to make more money
Regret it now; I'm a dummy

Worried about money day and night
Slowing realizing that everything is alright

Anonymous said...

ET phone home. Wire more money.

Anonymous said...

Middle class: give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Born with a silver spoon: yum!

Anonymous said...

My credit cards are on fire.

Anonymous said...

Do children really cost that much?

Tired of being broke said...

I am tired of being broke

Becoming debt free, will free me.

Noel Larson said...

I came, I saw, I overspent :)

Anonymous said...

i save enough... don't i? anxiety!

can't take another 30+ years working.

doing my best to retire early.

Anonymous said...

Bronx Chica-
money always spent on anything with Janet Jackson's name

saving is a poison that needs to be a potion

spending habit is a wild card that is played over and over

Debt will be a dream come true!

T'Pol said...

Will retire before 60, lucky me!

Hate debt, so I don't have any.

RichC said...

Invest wisely now. Live comfortably later.

Diversify your portfolio. Talk is cheap.

Dream big. Plan for your future.

Anonymous said...

2% raises each year isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Poorer than friends, richer than relatives.

Earn little, save, retire at 52.

Small house, old car, visited Europe.

Kady said...

school debt. hate job. can't quit.

frugal zeitgeist said...

paying off my mortgage this year!

Anonymous said...

I love getting my tax refund.

Ice in drinks is a ripoff.

One day I will gladly spend.


Seeking Financial Camelot said...

credit cards, slaying the financial dragon

costs too much, don't need it

i love excel...plan, save, relax

Anonymous said...

Shoppaholic Saves, Spends, Freelances, Financially Stable

Bob McD said...

Loved your article... Linked to it


kate m said...

Daughter in college, Mom eats beans.

the simple nickle said...

Hard-working husband, tight-wad wife.

We're lucky to agree on money.

Tiredbuthappy said...

Money obession: causes stress, pays off.

Darntheluck said...

Played Lady Bountiful way too long...

Rose of Sharon said...

Self supporting through my own contributions.

Anonymous said...

Madame X, I too enjoyed The New Yorker piece about the book party. Now, that was some very clever writing.

I really enjoyed your post.

Finance Girl said...

Financed my life; Waiting to live