Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Link Round-Up

Here's some things I've been meaning to pass along:

Queercents has a series of post on how to reduce the costs of pet ownership.

There's a new blog in town called Hunting Happiness, with a great post about financial literacy.

Speaking of financial literacy, the AARP has released the results of a survey showing that the majority of Americans are "befuddled by financial jargon."

TravelHacker presents 100 Ways to Get Free Stuff When Traveling.

Reader Archana sent me this frugal recipe:

I have a wicked dessert for you - involves minimal baking and vanilla
ice cream and everything else out of a can!!! Can't get any more

One can condensed milk (not evaporated, please!!)
One can sliced peaches - drain as much as possible
One DEEEEEPPPPPP (very deep) dish - glass/metal - whichever!!!

Just layer the peaches and milk alternately in the bowl/dish and bake
250-275 for about 3 hours. Just watch occassionally to make sure you're
not too high on temperature which might make the milk bubble out. Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!!!! Trust me .. It's YUM!

A couple more new blogs:
Freethought: "A blog about social issues, politics, history and of course money"
Life on the High Wire: commenter Deonne has started a blog covering her move from Taos to NYC to get an MFA
Finance Gets Personal: "a Girl Trying to Get Out of Debt and Change Careers"
GershBlog: a Brooklyn bankruptcy and real estate lawyer

Thanks, and apologies to people who emailed me way too long ago about some of these links!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Madame.. thanks for the Queercents plug!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! BTW, I had headaches and dizy spells and determined that it was caused by staring at LCD computer monitors all day. I switched back to the big old CRT at home and at the office make sure to break up computer time and it has helped dramatically.

andrea said...

hi there,

thanks for the pet series shout-out! also, we're both brooklyites!


Anonymous said...

I just saw this because my internet has been down since Wednesday. One more reason I'm excited to move to NYC - reliable utilities.

Anyway, thanks so much for the mention. I'm sure when I get to NY (June 30!) I'll have plenty to post about in the financial realm. As in, ohmygod, how can I be spending this much for 400 square feet and a hot plate?? I do have that extra kidney, which might be worth some rent money...

Anonymous said...

I tried the recipe because it did sound delicious but...

Somehow it didn't occur to me that a recipe consisting of only condensed milk and peaches would taste exactly like, well, condensed milk and peaches. And I find condensed milk pretty ick.

It sounded so creamy and delicious that now I have three extra cans of sweetened condensed milk that will never be used. Oh well.