Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today in the News

Oooh, it's a good day for finance related news today:
People are cutting back their spending, even in Europe.
Meanwhile, politicians are using taxpayer money to guzzle gas.
Despite inflation, there are still stores where every item of clothing costs less than $10.
Fewer immigrants are sending money back home.
And there's an editorial on why a temporary gas tax cut is a bad idea.

But enough about the world, what about ME!?!?!
My last 5 financial transactions were:
$3.35 on breakfast (cash)
$4.42 on lunch yesterday (cash)
$3.35 on breakfast yesterday (cash)
$23.18 on Chinese takeout for dinner the last two nights (credit card)
$31.19 to ConEd (e-payment from checking account)

Okay, maybe the world is more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Madame X! I just wanted to draw your attention to a story I read today at the BBC website ( I thought you'd enjoy it. Can you imagine the reaction had the same happened in America?

girlnextdoor said...

For a true statistical outlook on how the economy is faring, go here:
Its the analysis of the Federal Reserve after they compile all of the numbers . . .
And its not as bad as most people think! :)

Madame X said...

THanks Kuwaiti Woman, I actually just spotted that on the NYT website and posted about it!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you are overpaying for Chinese takeout!

Madame X said...

hmm... the chinese food was a shrimp dish, a chicken dish, an order of fried dumplings, and the total included a $3 tip to the delivery guy. I think the restaurant has pretty standard prices for NYC...

Anonymous said...

Can I dare to ask, what you had for lunch? :D

Anonymous said...

Bronx Chicha- I buy DVDs on sale less than $10. Top 4 places- Virgin Megastore, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Borders. Chinese food-buy lunch special!