Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Loro Portafoglios Apertos

I'm probably butchering that, but it's roughly Italian for "Their Open Wallets."

Apparently the Italian tax ministry posted on its website the name, address, reported income and tax paid of every Italian citizen, neatly organized by city. It's already been taken down, which is unfortunate-- I don't think any Italians responded to my call for salary revelations!


Anonymous said...

Italian words don't end with an 's'- that's spanish. I would assume that it would be "i loro portofoglie aperte/i" not sure if portofoglio is masculine or feminine and too lazy to look it up.

beth said...

If you have the old link that has since been taken down, you could enter it into the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive. Truly, nothing you put on the web is ever gone.

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare! I wonder if that was an accident, or actually a way of intimidating the citizenry into paying their (full) taxes owed...?