Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Books I Want to Read

Presented in Amazon's lovely ferris wheel! Neat-o!


Anonymous said...

Cool widget!

When I saw the title of "The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class" I thought - duh, a lot more money. Ha.

The book's summary on Amazon struck a chord with me, but more in a whole life way versus just financial. Now that I'm about to start my MFA and know I want to settle in Manhattan (which will change my entire financial reality, going from a low-cost town to the highest-cost city), I need to start thinking more strategically, versus just bouncing from opportunity to opportunity as they present themselves. Bouncing around probably won't get me very far here.

I don't have any answers yet (I'll be exploring them on my blog), but I'm excited at this mental shift. The book talks about thinking long-term, about ideas and profits, and those concepts or ways of thinking seem especially appropriate for me now. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

You have a number of great books there. You might also want to look into "The Millionaire Next Door" by Stanley and Danko. It is a statistical look (but still very readable) at millionaires in America. The authors reveal whether millionaires are more likely to drive a Ford or a BMW and if more millionaires shop at sears or Brooks Brothers.