Friday, August 22, 2008

Links I Liked

Here's a few favorite articles from the past week:

The Simple Dollar on which personal finance book is right for you

"Psst! Your Salary is Showing" article in the New York Times

"I'm So Glad I'm Not Dating" at Escape Brooklyn

The World of Wealth on being a drug dealer, detective and debutante (and a landlord)


Anonymous said...

Here's what I wrote in the Brooklyn dating story. (as the woman is a disgrace for allowing someone to shower them with cash and being taken out, while thinking it was a 'friendship' and nothing else)

Is this your first time your friend had dated? If he was friends and starting feeling something else he should've talked about it first before making a move.

If his intention and beleifs were that he was "dating" from the get-go than he obviously did something wrong by giving off the sense of "friend" instead of what his true intentions were.

Sorry to hear but I hope your friend realizes how dating and being friends works now. He kinda disrespected her by playing the friend role and than trying to make a move.

Moral is, establish your ground and be open and communicate to people. Otherwise your down a ton of cash and got nothing in return.

Sadly it's not all his fault...This "woman" is a jerk for thinking a friend would be willing to spend that much money on them.

I have friends "guys and girls" and neither would get the things this guy did for that woman.

1001 Petals said...

Regarding Escape Brooklyn's post:
I am continually amazed at how cheap some people are. . .if he wanted to pay, that was his choice. He shouldn't have done it if the condition was potential romantic interest. Paying for someone is a nice gesture and maybe she actually took it as such. IMO, it is manipulative of the guy to think it was all leading to something greater when obviously, it was purely platonic.

In the circles I was raised in, people were very generous with one another with zero expectation. No wonder people are confused about receiving gifts these days :( A gift should be just that -- no strings attached. If he was curious about where she stood, he could have just asked her.

Anonymous said...

1000 Petals.

I'll play the sexiest role. Easy for you to say when you're on the receiving end of the stick. If you showered a man with gifts and got nothing in return, he's be a deadbeat, a mouch or even worse in that he took advantage of you.

MEG said...

Thanks for the link love!

1001 Petals said...

Anon: Been there, done that and definitely did not feel I was taken advantage of. Until I got married, I was the one that paid for nearly everything on and off dates.