Monday, November 16, 2009

October 2009 Monthly Recap

It's a bit late to be getting to this but here's a look at October's results!
My net worth at the end of October was $383,344, a decline of 1.5% from last month. The decline was entirely due to the stock market being down a bit. Also, my credit card balance was a bit high due to business expenses of over $1,000 that I haven't been reimbursed for yet. But I did okay in terms of saving some cash.

Expenses were as follows:

Condo $ 1,835 maintenance charge just went up
Bank Charge $ 71 stupidity: ATM fee and late charges
Business expense $ 1,060
Charity $ 100
Clothing $ 301
Dining/Groceries $ 828 a very social month, eating out a lot!
Education $ 26
Entertainment $ 5 Just Netflix
Gifts Given $ 55
Household $ 72
Property Insurance $ 335 once a year charge
Medical $ 127
Misc $ 147
Taxes $ 2,073
Subscriptions $ 149 renewed the New Yorker
Travel $ 76
Utilities $ 167

If you back out the business expenses, my total outflow was $6,366, so I saved $1,651, or about 20% of my gross salary. We're heading into the home stretch for the year, and I have a holiday vacation planned, plus Christmas shopping, so I may not be saving a whole lot more... but hopefully I can still manage to end the year at or close to my all-time net worth high... we'll see! Onward and upward!


Single Ma said...

Where's the booz, lady? The booz! LOL

Madame X said...

Ha! I think about $160 of it is buried in that Dining category! I used to say "my dining expenses were high this month because I stocked up on wine" but now it just seems to be a routine item!

James said...

I need to come up with a budget plan. Props on keeping your checkbook balanced.

Ryan said...

I agree! This is a great way to keep the checkbook balanced and stay out of debt.

JKrishna said...

Excellent method to track and control expenses and to save money and ultimately increase your networth.

Anonymous said...

Which bank received the most of your "Bank Fees" this past month?!? Was it Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, HSBC, Keybank, M&T, Republic National, TD Bank, Valley National, or Wachovia/WellsFargo?

anse said...

It is a good idea to know how much we spent for a month as it help to control our expenses

Madame X said...

My bank fees mostly went to Chase, but there was also a Bank of America ATM fee in there.

Anonymous said...

You might consider getting in with a credit union as there are few fees-- and there are a lot of them around, though I don't know their ATM polcies in NYC. As a suburban NJ resident I have found them to be great.

Anonymous said...

I love someone who thinks they live frugally on a 100K a year salary.. Only in New York.