Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New York Neighborhoods: How Many People Can Afford to Live There?

Found via Curbed, this is a VERY interesting interactive map of New York city, showing income ranges in different neighborhoods and how many families would be able to afford a certain level of rent. Try it out!


Kizz said...

I saw this today and was so intrigued. It's car crash fascinating.

Anonymous said...

All of my 20 something friends' finances that live in NY are being heavily subsidized by their parents. Looking at this chart in comparison to their income it makes sense, it's very pricy!

Anonymous said...

I have friends that live on the upper east side in a one bedroom for maybe $1900 it's on the first floor in a nice neighborhood. They don't drive, they vacation often and both are not high income earners. My point is, the data is subjective as it does not consider lifestyle. You can be in a one bedroom apartment on the 1st floor in the upper east or someone could be in the top penthouse on the upper east side.

I have 20 something friends that live there and assumed they were subsidized by their parents, but who knows.

I live on long island and even here it feels like you need a $100,000 salary to live comfortably. If you don't make that, you beteen get married and both work and split the expenses.

Justin King said...

Thanks a lot for this! I've actually been wondering this very thing for quite some time.