Monday, December 14, 2009

Should You Pay as Much as a Celebrity?

From my new favorite website, Not Always Right... as in "The Customer is Not Always Right." If you've ever worked in retail or food service (as I have), you will especially enjoy it!

Me: “Hey there, can I help you out?”

Customer: “Were these products on Oprah?”

Me: “Yes, they’ve been featured.”

Customer: “Celebrities use them, right? So they must be really expensive…like $500 a pop or something, right?”

Me: “No, not at all. This one here only costs $40 before tax, and none of the products exceed $150.”

Customer: “So, when the celebrities buy them, they only cost $40?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “And when regular people buy them, they only cost $40?”

Me: “Yes.”

(A moment of silence passes as the customer glares at me.)

Customer: “COMMUNIST!”


Kizz said...

It's funny just on its own before you think about it too much. Then you think about it and realize that having a sliding scale where someone who earns more pays more is more in line with Marx's principles and it's about 3 times MORE funny!

Abigail said...

Actually, you're probably NOT paying the same as a celebrity. Many celebrities get things free, as a form of publicity. So technically we tend to pay MORE than a star.

Dawn said...

That is what I was thinking... celebrities probably get it free so they can show it off in photos on the magazine covers.
But why would anyone think this is Communistic? Weird peeps.

Gord said...

I don't know about you in the States, but in Canada we have progressive income tax.

The more I earn, the more I pay in percentage in tax. Isn't that a socialist philosophy? Yet, a lot of people agree with it. Why should a high income earner pay more for an apple than you do?

Sure, celebrities get lots of free stuff but they pay in many other ways. Loss of privacy, for one. I wouldn't trade with any one of them.

Ryan said...

Can someone say dense?

What was your reaction?

Ryan @ Plantingdollars

Beggar said...

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