Friday, March 02, 2012

Overheard in a Restaurant

If you want to keep your money conversations private, don't sit next to me! Though in this case, the person was sitting two tables away and talking loudly enough for half the restaurant to hear.

Scene: a Brooklyn eatery on a Saturday night
Characters: a young woman telling a story to 3 of her friends

Here's more or less what she said:

My mother grew up as one of 6 kids and she actually shared a bed, yeah, one bed, with her two sisters until she was like 15... she went away to college but she dropped out... she came back to New York and got a job on Wall Street and did really well... but her mother, my grandmother, always kept complaining about the money they'd spent on sending her to college and what a waste it was since she dropped out. I mean, she just couldn't let it go and literally every time they saw her she'd say all this stuff over and over again, so finally my dad got so sick of it that he just told her to calculate how much money it was, for tuition, travel, everything, and tell him how much it came to and he'd write her a check for that amount if she'd promise to shut up about it and never mention it again... my father had a very healthy attitude about money...

Once I'd heard the end of that story I didn't pay much more attention to her for awhile, until just before I was leaving the restaurant, when I heard her voice rise again with this interesting remark:

Let's just buy $400 worth of scratch-off tickets and see what happens!

I'd love to fill in the blanks in that conversation!


Credit Solutions said...

Ha ha ha! I think that she wants everyone to listen to what she speaks!and for the last interesting remark , I must say she is not concerned about her financial privacy.

Kizz said...

I sat next to a woman on the subway this week who threw away her engagement ring because she didn't like it. Told her fiance that she was lotioning her hands and it fell on the tracks. I broke out in a cold sweat just listening.

Financial Independence said...

On the other hand people do spend money in more ridiculous and less fun way daily, without even chance to win - expensive cars, vacations, other treats....

What have you puzzled there?