Monday, December 19, 2005

Transit Strike

Ugh, I am doing some serious finger-crossing in hope that we don't have a transit strike here. My options for getting to work would be to walk almost 7 miles, which will cost me nothing unless I have to buy a lot of bandaids for blistered feet; or see if I can share a cab at a cost of $15 per person each way; or ride my bike which will cost me at least $60 or so since it is not in very good shape after not having been ridden for a long time; or somehow find a carpool that I could join up with, for the cost of some gas, I guess.
Or I can see if I can scrape by working at home for a few days and hope this thing gets settled.


3pillars said...

good luck and keep those fingers crossed for all of us

Dwight said...

Well, you have my sympathy now that they actually called the strike. Best of luck, and hopefully it is a short one!