Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keeping Your Wallet Close

Are you ever without your wallet? I was thinking about this today, as I happened to run out to lunch having just stuck my wallet in my pocket and not bringing my bag. It was a nice day and I had time to sit outside, so I was regretting not having brought anything to read! Otherwise, there are certain times when I don't want to be carrying a bag, but I rarely feel comfortable without at least having a little money and a credit card in my pocket. And it just seems to be one of those things that people do-- they might leave all their stuff somewhere if they feel it's relatively safe, but they'll bring their wallet with them no matter what. At my gym, I always leave my wallet in my locker, but I've seen people who even keep theirs with them when they are working out.
I suppose this issue can be one that men and women approach differently: for men, it's most common to carry a wallet that fits in a pants pocket, so it's easy for men to always have a wallet at hand. For women, clothing doesn't always have pockets to accommodate even a little cash, let alone a wallet. And women's wallets are usually designed to be bigger and bulkier than men's-- most of them wouldn't fit in anything but the most spacious coat pocket, so women tend to end up carrying a bag anyway, just to have a place to put their wallets!
I don't like to weigh myself down, so my everyday wallet is a very small lightweight zippered pouch that holds a few credit cards and some cash, and it's easy to take with me. If I'm going to the beach or anywhere I'd be worried about theft, I often won't bring it, or I'll take out extra cards and cash so I'd lose less if it ended up being stolen.
What do you carry? Do you always keep your wallet with you?


Tiredbuthappy said...

I'd rather be without my wallet than without a book, but that's just me. No, I don't always carry it. I have it with me most of the time, but if I'm just running out for something or going somewhere where I don't want to worry about it being stolen, I take out a few essentials and leave it at home.

When my spouse and I first started living together, I would often leave the house completely empty-handed if we were going someplace together. He had the housekeys and his wallet, why would I need mine?

He hated this. What if we got separated? What if I needed to take a cab and had no cash? What if he lost his keys? I thought this was ridiculous. Why the obsession with what ifs?

This was one of the things I compromised on eventually. I now carry my house keys and at least ten bucks whenever I leave the house, even if we're together.

If I have no pockets, a twenty dollar bill can be folded up and tucked into my bra.

Single Ma said...

I feel naked without my whole purse. Whenever I try to leave home with only xyz, I always regret it.

Jane said...

I definitely carry my purse wherever I go, the contents of which include my red beat-up Kenneth Cole wallet that's stuffed with receipts and Subway Club cards and the like. I do leave it in my locker at the gym, though -- it's amazing the faith we put in those little metal combination locks.

The only time I try to pare down is when I'm going out for the evening and want to carry a little clutch purse. After numerous instances of forgetting things like my driver's license (to use as ID for bars), I now have a specific clutch-purse checklist I follow: cash, credit card, MetroCard, ID, keys, cell phone, lip gloss, and business cards. That'll get ya' through a night on the town.

Mrs. Micah said...

I almost always carry a purse or bag. Except when I step out on my lunch breaks for a walk around the block. But that was annoying today because midway I remembered that I was going to buy some shampoo and moisturizer on the way back from the walk. But I'll just get them on the way home. :-/

Anonymous said...

I drag a whole backpack to work, which holds my purse, which holds my wallet. For lunch I'll sometimes take out my purse to carry with me, or if I brought my lunch and don't want to buy anything, I'll leave it behind.

I generally bring my whole purse to other places outside the house. (Even if I'm going with my boyfriend. Sometimes you think you have your keys or wallet or cash, but then turn out to be surprised later. We also carry back-up ear plugs for each other.)

Although I'm female, I always have decent pockets. But I don't keep a wallet in them. I keep keys, a pedometer, and a hair scrunchy if I think I might get hot. And I carry my glasses hung over the top of my shirt or in a jacket pocket plus winter gloves in my winter coat pockets.

Anonymous said...

As a 31 year old male, I always have my trusty leather wallet (bifold) with me--everywhere (from the beach, to the Car Wash, to the gym, etc.) My fiance has come to accept this--and now knows it has been a big help, when needed. It's inconspicuous, not a "brick," but has a "personality" (the patina of the leather, curved from my derriere) and it makes me feel good knowing where it is--otherwise, I'd feel naked!